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Multiple Teams · JV Volleyballers Sweep the season series at West Catholic

Winning at West Catholic


Have you heard of the Tale of Two Cities? This is the Tale of Two (very different) CC JV teams. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times as CC took to the court at West Catholic. This team was a…hot mess? posers? nervous wrecks? I don’t mean to throw shade on them, well, maybe I do, but the JV just did not have their act together in the first set.  CC lost to West 9-25, their worst loss differential in conference play.  But in true Taylor Swift form, they just had to Shake It Off,  Shake It Off and get ready for set 2.

The team was starting to get their mojo back, in spite of having to mop up the court with a Gatorade towel every other minute. What the heck was up with that? But I digress..the mojo turned into Murphy’s Law, when Jenna Wolf slipped and sprained her ankle.  This reporter thought for sure that it would deplete the team of their morale. Thankfully, this reporter was dead wrong.  Lydia Coppock had some big shoes to fill as she stepped up to the service line. And did she ever deliver! The team had had trouble getting into any kind of rhythm until Coppock served up at least 5 points, I honestly lost track. Morgan Wermuth played defense like mad, keeping the ball in play while libero, Katie Stotts twisted this way and that to do likewise.  Abby Deibis came up with a bullet of a hit to the corner for the game winning point. No one puts Deibis in a corner! CC comes up huge, in a thrilling 26-24 win.

Onto the tiebreaker, which is what everyone was expecting prior to the start of this game.  CC, running on adrenaline and playing for Wolf, really started to hit their stride. THIS was the JV team we were all used to seeing.  Deadly Deibis came up with a monster block, while Katie Lutjens killed it in the back right corner, giving CC the lead 6-4.  Lydia Coppock came up with a sweet roll shot for a point. Elaina Young came up with a big dig as did setter, Grace Sinicrope on defense to keep the ball in play.  The icing on the cake was the Double Trouble tag team of Duinstra and Deibis for the block, putting CC ahead, 14-11. Sinicrope was cool as can be as she served up the game winner and CC emerged victorious over a very talented Falcons team, 15-11.  Join us back at the downtown CC gym on Thursday, Oct. 5th as the Cougars take on the Spartans of Sparta at 6pm. Be there or be square.