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Cougars News · JV Girls Conquer the Spartans

Celebrating 2

The JV Volleyball players had trapped gas on the brain, (can I say that? You all know what I mean, heeheehee!) coming off a hard fought victory west of 131 on Tuesday.  They were not quite up to snuff for their first set against Sparta on Thursday night.  Sparta came to play right from the get go. Grace Sinicrope started the Cougars off with two serves for aces while Katie Lutjens came up big from the attack line and scored.  Libero, Katie Stotts went on a four point serving streak, two of which were aces.  Scrambling with a free ball from the Spartans had Abby Deibis setting to Lydia Coppock (who is in for an injured Jenna Wolf, but more importantly, will she be able to wear heels to Homecoming on Saturday? Will there be 20 people or 8 people in their dinner group? will a slow dance be in Luke Brazelton’s future? Questions we all want to know! Stay tuned…but I digress…yet again…). Coppock did not disappoint, as she delivered on her attack and scored. This was Coppock’s first of two hits in the set.  Morgan Wermuth had to play defensively, miraculously digging the ball out of the net, to keep it in play. HOW DOES SHE DO THAT?! Inquiring minds want to know. The Spartans would not go away. They stayed within striking distance for most of the game.  Gracie Mellema took charge and went up for a huge block, and then she turns her head to watch the ball hit the floor on the Spartans side of the net as she nonchalantly walks the other way.   Love the ‘tude, Gracie! Keep it up!  Elaina Young served up back to back aces on a silver platter to the Spartans, and then you knew it was game time. Mary Pavey worked hard to get passes up for her teammates to take advantage of.  Kendal Duimstra got her swing on, showing the opponents she meant business. Wermuth was at the serving line for the game winner.  Her ball slightly arced over the net and was returned to CC’s side, only to have Deibis put her hands up in the air to block their assault.  CC wins set one, 25-21.

Set 2 was a different story, the CC team we were expecting finally showed up.  CC scored on their serve receive and Lutjens  had a tip for a point. Then Mellema went on a four point serving streak when the Spartans had to take a time out to regroup. The score was 6-2 at this point. Stotts was on point with all her passes and a sweet set by Sinicrope to Coppock, who went on the attack, scored for the Lady Cougars as the ball hit the ground, surrounded in a perfect circle by the Spartans. Pavey got jiggy with it and tipped it over the net, while Wermuth, AGAIN, dug the ball out of the net to set Duimstra up for a kill shot. Lutjens had a great defensive play from the back row as it sailed over the net and scored a point. We all had a good laugh when that happened! Stotts was up to her contortionist ways to keep the ball in play as the ball volleyed back and forth. Coppock ended up getting a desperation roll shot to score, more chuckling ensued. Toward the end of the game, Stotts got her own kill from the attack line, scoring CC’s 24th point. Deibis showed her mad skills as she had her own kill for the game winner. Cougars win, 25-14.

The JV team is currently 8-0 in the OK Blue.  Be sure to catch them next week, Thursday, Oct. 12 at home versus Allendale.  It is Senior Night and middle school players from the GRACEAC league are all invited to come see their Cougars take on the Falcons.  Hope to see you there!